Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weather

So, it's starting to become Fall, I guess, and that is a very difficult season in Vancouver! Everyday when I leave for work, I usually have my running shoes (steep), a sweatshirt (cold), my shell coat (wet), a scarf (cold), my sunglasses (bright) AND my umbrella (wet). (I know that steep doesn't exactly describe the weather, but you try walking up that hill in other shoes . . . unpleasant.) Anyways, the point is, that is just ridiculous. The best part is, by the end of the day, I maybe need the sunglasses and the shell coat because the rained has ceased, the cold is gone and it's now blinding out . . . and maybe a bit windy. What?!

One of my colleagues sent me this video about becoming a Vancouverite and the weather is absolutely a topic in it!

In other weather news, I made a rainbow for Sparks! After unsucessfully going to two major hardware stores at my train station after work, I took the bus down to the small hardware store near my place. They had EXACTLY three pool noodles. I bought them and waltzed down the hill . . . and everyone probably thought I was a crazy lady carrying around my pool noodles in September.

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