Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And They Catch Me Ridin' Donkey

Well, this was the dream. After so many years of reading, watching (and rewatching) The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, we finally made it to Santorini! We were the only ship in port for the day, which was a good thing, because we had to be tendered in from the middle of the caldera. Being tendered in meant we got to enjoy some stunning views of the cliffs during the crossing, though.

We took the clichéd method of transportation, donkeys, up the cliff to reach the village. Although, when we arrived near the top, we were curtly told to get off. I guess they had to keep the donkeys moving with all of the cruise ship passengers. We climbed a bit further to reach the village and decided to look for a driver to take us around. We found an enthusiastic minibus driver that took us and a few other visitors around to see the sights of whitewashed houses and blue domes. We also got to see the low-lying side of the island with its sprawling green fields.


After being dropped off, we wandered around the village some more and enjoyed some snacks from a local bakery. We also saw a house being constructed, which was neat! From there, we decided to head back down to the water, but we used the cable car this time. When we made it down, I decided I was swimming in the caldera, even though it was still pretty chilly in May. All in all, it was a magical port!


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