Saturday, May 10, 2014

Over My Head (Cable Cars)

Our last stop on the cruise before returning to Venice was Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was a beautiful day and really made all of the quaint, red-roofed houses on the hill pop. We decided to start our day by taking a taxi to the cable cars.


After that, we headed down to the fort on the water to wander around the old town. It was getting to be incredibly hot and we had had many busy days, so Stephanie and Tanya went to walk the walls while the rest of us decided to stay in the town and wander around.


We all meandered back to the ship in our small groups, had ice cream and headed to dinner. Afterwards, we split up to pack, make a few stops around the ship and try the show (opera, which we left shortly into because we realized we were not big fans of opera). I also got in one more hot tub, leading me to come up with the list below.

Top 5 Reasons That Evening Hot Tubs Are the Best:

5. No children splashing and/or jumping on you.
4. You can float however you want and take up the entire hot tub.
3. Being able to see the stars as you’re floating and relaxing.
2. No one turning the bubbles on without your permission.
1. The surprised look on people’s faces when they realize there is a person by themselves just chilling in the hot tub.

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