Monday, May 5, 2014

Not Possible

Our first stop for the cruise was in Bari, Italy. We weren’t getting into port until almost lunchtime though, so we had a pretty relaxing morning. I decided I wanted to try out the group stretching on the Lido deck, so I headed up there before we were going to meet for breakfast. My family ended up getting to breakfast a bit early and sneakily took some pictures of me stretching!

We had a tasty breakfast (mine involved hashbrowns, cheese, fruit, juice, croissants and a freshly made doughnut) and headed off the ship to check out Bari. We decided to take a cab into the old city, since we weren’t sure how far of a walk it would be. It turns out it would have been VERY far! We managed to all fit into one cab, with me suspended above a space between two captain’s seats. The driver dropped us off in Piazza San Nicola, which I joked must be a tribute to St. Nicholas (or Santa Claus). It turns out that I was right. As we walked around, we saw tons of lights being set up for a festival of St. Nicholas, too.

After some wandering and taking enough pictures of churches to last a lifetime, we stopped at a restaurant, one of the few places open in early afternoon, for some real Italian pizza. After our snack, we wandered down to the water before heading back to pick up a cab.

We found a cab similar to what we took down and asked the driver to take the seven of us back. He argued back and forth with us that no cab could take seven people and when we explained to him that we had arrived together, he said it was “Not possible!” Um, actually it was. Finally, him and a buddy decided they would give us a deal on two cabs and we got back to the ship in time to soak in the hot tub before dinner.

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